As Cusco is the city I have spent the most time in so far, I decided to compile a list of the cafés I have been to and the prices I paid. I was ostly in Cusco inbetween adventures, so relaxing with some coffee after Machu Picchu and before the rainbow mountain was a great pause from the more straining days. Do you have a favorite café in Cusco? I’ll start with mine:

El café de Mama Olli, Plazoleto Nazarenas 199:

Cute and small café with English and Spanish menu. Sadly, the cake I decided on wasn’t on offer that day, so I settled for a Cappuccino for 7soles.

Café D’Wasi, Heladeros 160:

Well located, popular café near Plaza de Armas. The staff is very friendly and tourist-oriented. I had a piece of Lemon Pie and the BEST Cappuccino. For both, I paid 15.50soles. The WiFi works well and their ice cream looked fantastic!

Teddy Bear Cappucino at Café D’Wasi

Cuscoffee, Heladeros 167:

Across from Café D’Wasi, this café offers lunch and fruit juices. I was there in the morning with the friend who recommended it to me and I had Café Bombon for 8 soles, which was a treat for the eye and stomach!

La Casa del Cheesecake, Carmen Alto 189:

Located near Plaza de San Blas, this small café is the perfect place to spend a long morning turned afternoon. It is actually the place that this blogpost was written in, which speaks for their WiFi. The cakes are cheesecake variations with any type of fruit and 1-2 soles cheaper than in any other café on this list. The Cappuccino cost 7 soles, but was not that amazing. Overall, I paid 20 soles for a fruit juice, cheesecake and cappucino.

Maracuya Cheesecake at La Casa del Cheesecake

L’atelier Café – Concept, Calle Atoqsaycuchi, 605A:

Recommended by a friend, this café takes the cake for being both beautiful and tasty. Situated on the second floor of an art store, it is the perfect hangout. The owners work right alongside you and you can get a glimpse into their atelier. A small can of coca tea costs 5 soles.

Café Loco, Calle Tandapata:

Another Café close to Plaza de San Blas, it is small, sweet and offers a beautiful view over Cusco. I paid 10soles for a fruit juice and 9soles for a sandwich with cheese, avocado and tomatoes.

This completes the list for all the Cafés I visited in my four and a half day stay in Cusco. I have an entire list of Cafés for Bolivia, so there will probably be a follow-up post soon. As for my personal favorite, L’atelier Café was definitely the one I enjoyed most!