I really felt compelled to write today, after finishing my second exam. I was not sure what about though, but I realized that there is a pretty little series, that has not been continued. Looking through my phone and seeing all my coffee pictures made me realize that I have not shared the Cafés of Norway. Coffee takes a big part in the culture here as well and since I spent the hour before my exam in a café to calm down, I believe that it is about time for this post.

There is no bad coffee here. That’s just a little disclaimer at first. Cafés are very picturesque though and since I have so many pictures, I wanted to share my coffee inspiration.

Kaffebrenneriet (Oslo)

Had this one with my mum in Oslo

W. B. Samson (Oslo)

This one was with Josi (picture is hers too)
Afterparty Coffee with Theresa


Half café, half bike-repair (with Andrea)

Godt Brød (Oslo)

Breakfast and Coffee with my parents


Today’s calming coffee

Sofie’s Hage

Second breakfast with Anne, Andrea and Julius

steam kaffebar (Stavanger)

Re-charging coffees with Aidan, Andrea, Anne (triple A-Team) and Rebecca

Atelier Kakao (Lillehammer)

Hot chocolate and cake with my dad


cafés of norway
Free Coffee during the welcome week

Most cafés on this list are chains and have locations all over Norway. One that isn’t a chain but I can highly recommend is “Liebling” in Oslo. When I went with a new friend, I simply forgot to take a picture.

I hope you enjoyed the Cafés of Norway. See you soon.

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